Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Why Talent Dhundo ?

    Please go through our About us , how does it work , why choose us write up

  • While registering why so many details are asked ?

    The reason for we asking basic questions is to provide maximum details to the talent hunter at one go so that we avoid wasting time coordinating to get basics

  • Why 199 registration fees?

    This is not a part of our revenue model , however we don’t want non serious people to upload their profile with us as when we do the scouting for them and find platforms , most of them upload their profiles without thinking much and then during the time of auditions they don’t turn up , we are not a social media platform , we are India’s leading talent portal matching talents with platforms.

  • If I want to apply for Talent of singing and dancing both , do I have to register my profile twice?

    No You don’t have to register choice , please upload your main talent and while registering please mention your other talents in the form and description as well.

  • My Talent is not listed in the categories ?

    No Problem , not to panic , please register with us under the Unique Talent Category.

  • What all Is included in the registration fee ?

    The Registration fee is an one time submission fee to submit your profile / screening your profile and to display your profile online and offline to all the talent hunters searching for talent of your match

  • Do we Personaly have to apply at auditions and openings ?

    Talent Dhundo experts know the pulse of the Talent hunters and the recruiters have access to all the profiles , we assist them in show casing individual talents soothing their requirements.

  • What are the chances to get work from Talent Dhundo?

    There are thousands of recruiters and Talent Hunters from across the country that hire actors, models, singers, dancers and unique talents others artists from Talent Dhundo. 25,000+ artists Videos are viewed each month by recruiters from Talent Dhundo. More than 5,000 of our artists are contacted by the recruiters every month for various talent hunt and audition opportunities. For you to increase your chances to get contacted, just remember to - Upload your talent showcasing Video and post on talentdhundo and attach social Media links or other links showcasing your talent keep your portfolio and profile updated

  • I am unable to add images/videos to my portfolio?

    Your image ?Video file should not be more than 2 MB in size. If it is no worries You upload your video on you YouTube, you can add the YouTube link to your portfolio.

  • How will recruiters contact me?

    Our experts are constantly showcasing your talent at various plat forms and are taking feedback on your talent , also Talent Dhundo Dashboard is updated daily and is getting accessed by 4000+ Hunters , Our Talent Dhundo expert will get in touch with you as soon as we have something to offer.

  • When do I have to Pay the 5 Percent Professional Fees and on what amount ?

    You have to pay the Professional fees of 5 percent after completing your set of assignment assigned by Talent hunters through our platform and after receiving your remuneration /Payments by them.

  • Can I delete my Profile from Talent Dhundo?

    Yes, You can certainly delete your profile anytime from Talent Dhundo Portal , However any assignment taken or in process from Talent Dhundo the Professional fees pending /Due /Non due would be payable in future by you on receipt of your payments by assignments received through Talent Dhundo Platform.


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