15 Signs that show you have a soul of a singer?

You know you have the soul of a singer if:

  1. You love to sing to yourself, regardless of who is around or who is listening. You often feel the urge to hum, and it is a bit frustrating if you cannot.
  2. You love the sound of your own voice more than others do.
  3. You love to play instruments or at least have tried to learn an instrument at some point in your life.
  4. If you can play it, you love the way you can make an instrument sound.
  5. If you have thought of gifting someone a song (no, not an album – a song). It means you sing a song for that person and will not sing it for anyone else.
  6. If music can take you to a different world and make you forget your worries. If you can get engrossed and hypnotised by music.
  7. If listening to music is more than a pastime for you.
  • You have the soul of a singer if you spend some of your time everyday consciously thinking about music.
  • It could be thoughts of a certain song or a composition or a particular piece you have heard, but it occupies a part of your conscious thought.

  • If many of your memories are associated with music, such as
  • A song or a tune reminds you of a memorable time with your first best friend, or a certain moment when you fell in love, or your mother singing to you as a child, or perhaps a special day in the Church Choir.

  • If music is a form of expression for you. Such as it can help you pour out your emotions in some way – by singing, playing or listening.
  • If a tune has ever been so pleasant that it brought tears to your eyes. You did not understand why it felt sad and beautiful at the same time.
  • If you love collecting music of your choice from friends and family. If you are excited about listening to the latest songs.
  • If you have many friends who share an interest in music and you can actually talk about it. If that conversation gives you immense satisfaction.
  • If people tell you that when you sing or play you forget the rest of the world, and you feel proud to hear that.

What if I have the soul of a singer?

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