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Standup Comedian

8 Golden Steps to become a stand up comedian in India

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  • Identify the comic inside you and find the material that fits your comfort zone. Whether it is punch lines only or random collection of jokes, think about what you are comfortable with or enjoy talking about. If nothing comes to mind then I suggest narrate a true incident which you think was funny. We all have sometime or the other narrated a funny incident to friends or family. May be a good idea to start with a nice an simple incident that occured to you with some punch lines and references to current topics.
  • Create 3–5 minutes of material and write it down. Read the same material few days later and refine it until you are comfortable with it.
  • Register yourself and Upload the Video on by creating your dashboard and upload few more videos on you tube and other social media platforms and attach the link in your dashboard social media handles this will make you and your talent visible to 2850+ Talent hunters searching for such a talent in this category Pan India , meanwhile arrange a small comedy night evening for your friends or do a small bit in a party or a function. Do it in 4–5 different occasions this will help you gain confidence and will improvise public speaking.
  • Once you have learnt what is working or not, perform the most refined version of that material in the opportunities/auditions/platforms provided by our portal in open mic.
  • Upload all your work video’s on YouTube any other social media network keep updating your talent dundo dashboard by adding links of your performance if any on any other social media platforms or any apps
  • Work on your audience interaction skills and plan such that you use 10 minutes of material and 5–7 minutes of spontaneous audience interaction to complete your segment. Once you have 25–30 minute of material you can do a full show.
  • If you perform well then you have made it as a successful stand up comedian in India and will start getting more shows, tours, deals with video channels, partners etc
  • The toughest part comes now where you will have to maintain your quality and get more material and sustain.

Get yourself registered, Update Your Profile and upload your Talent Video on your Dashboard and achieve your stardom—(You can also write in detail about your Talent and other forms of Talent while doing Standup which will give you an edge over others which will help you get shortlisted for that go to the description box –Within your profile and describe about it .)

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